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The most advanced Convection Batch Ovens

for soldering and heating tasks demanding the highest level of process control

Unique, Powerful and Versatile Full Convection Batch Ovens
designed to give the user unmatched control over the heating process

Convection Batch Oven

A brief background and history of the X-Reflow306 Series Full Convection Batch Ovens:

The predecessor of this Batch Oven Series, JEM-310, was built in the UK in the 1990s. It was designed primarily for soldering SMT components to two layer PCB’s using leaded solder pastes.

In the United States, the ovens were sold by OK Industries. In the UK, they were sold by a company called Reddish Electronics. With the progress of the SMT technology (higher density components, use of multilayer boards, etc.), it became obvious that higher mass assemblies would need more and more energy to bring the boards to reflow temperatures. Also, the desire to have a uniform temperature gas in the oven (air or nitrogen) to within 15 to 20 degrees across the heating chamber led to the continuous development of new models. JEM-310 was quickly followed by JEM-410 and SM500. Reddish Electronics ovens were called SM500 CXE and sold mainly in Europe. In 1998, the X-Reflow305 oven entered the world market. It was a custom version of SM500CXE build by Reddish Electronics in the UK for Bokar International.

This model was modified by Bokar International to outperform the SM500 ovens. It had the same proven, solid housing, but was painted in the blue/black Bokar colors to distinguish it from the off-white color ovens marketed by the UK Company.

In total, several thousand of these ovens were sold worldwide, giving the users excellent and practically failure-free operation for many years. We at Bokar International still maintain and manufacture many replacement parts for the ovens from the JEM-310 generation and later models. We can supply replacement heaters, top clamshell gaskets, thermocouples, etc. If replacement parts are needed, please e-mail

After 2007, Reddish Electronics could no longer manufacture Batch Ovens in the UK.

Bokar International purchased all the remaining stock of oven parts and started manufacturing the new, greatly improved X-Reflow306 LF and X-Reflow306 LF-AC ovens.

The new X-Reflow306 models kept only the best and proven mechanical body parts (including the large viewing window) and some proven electro-mechanical parts. The two independent front and back heaters were replaced by better designed ones. The internal mechanical parts were modernized to facilitate service (heater or thermocouple replacement).The human interface was greatly improved with the use of a modern keypad with added function keys. A highly informative process window (see below) shows what the oven displays prior to running and during the program).

Convection Batch Oven

The internal electronics was completely redesigned to give superior control over power management for ideal oven performance and to give the oven administrator many new possibilities for pre-programming the oven. Trying to compare the X-Reflow305 to the X-Reflow 306 is like comparing a dial-type phone to today’s iPhone. Comments and wish lists for improvements from many users all over the world of the predecessors of the X-Reflow306 batch ovens were carefully analyzed by Bokar International engineers and most of them were incorporated into the current ovens.

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